12 Tips for Keyword Selection to Guide Your Content Marketing SEO

Some content marketers play fast and lose keyword selection for natural search engine rankings. They shirk proper research and analysis or merely take wild stabs at whether a keyword phrase is worth pursuing in the first place.

If you constantly create internet content without thinking through search engine optimization (SEO) and keywords, you will rank for something (content does resonate with search engine algorithms). Yet, you will consistently run the risk of shortchanging your SEO strategy — and your company’s ability to grab its fair share of relevant search engine traffic — for branding, conversions and more. Every piece of content on a website or in a blog post isn’t necessarily going to take a company to No. 1 on Google for a keyword phrase that people use 15,000 times a month. But you can get more out of search engine optimization — with just a bit more effort.

To the extent that time and your skills allow, you should consider the following questions and factors that affect content marketing and SEO in every piece of online content you create and distribute. To make the process easy, I’ve created a short checklist that you can reference when thinking through keyword possibilities for your website or blog content.

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