How to Identify Disavow Links (Spammy Backlinks) and Remove Them

What are the disavow links?

How you can remove from your website using Google Search Console Disavow tools. Today I explain in this post about disavow links, Almost new blogger in this term will not recognize till now. But don't worry about Spam backlinks or disavow links, these can be removed easily at websites. In the noon. watching a video niche topics about disavow links. How generated disavow links, there can be numerous reasons your domain has spammy backlinks pointing back to it or affected. that is why Google has made available the Disavow Tool, giving websites owners the option to clean-remove their Spam backlinks or disavow profiles.

Disavow Links Tool - Google

Some rule you follows  

First rule: Do NOT use this tool whether if you do not have lots of Backlinks and you didn’t get manual action notice any kind. 

Second Rule: unfortunately you have to start approaching the website owner who has given you the backlink and get them to remove that spam backlink (being polite goes a long way). Also, for future reference, keep records of your interaction (email copies, time of contact, replies). This is just in case Google sends you Manual Action Notice, or removes your site from its index due to unnatural links. In that case, you will have to start the reconsideration request:

These URL’s are must visit Google Search Console help section:

Also, share this How to Clean and Disavow Spam Links in Google Webmaster Tools video so that other website owners who need to clean their backlink profiles can learn from it:

Understand Google’s Guidelines:

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